PCMCIA WIFI drivers for Windows CE
Posted: 27-Sep-12 11:04am

These drivers are for the PCMCIA cards within the CASIO IT-3000 

There are two versions, and they are not compatible with each other.

Be sure to install the version specific to your unit.

To install, connect the handheld through ActiveSync, then run the appropriate file to have its install push the drivers to your handheld.  Once that is done, you will need to configure your security settings on the handheld.

After installing the driver, if you are not presented with the options dialog on the handheld to configure security you can either reboot (push reset button on back) the device or toggle off/on the PC Card.   PC Card power can be toggled in the Control Panel Settings area.

WL1100ccfcenet.exe  (WL1100x - AmbiCom Wave2Net)

WL54-CF_CE4.1_setup.exe  (WL54-CF)

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